Taiwan Resources


Taiwan Amphibian & Reptile Association

Taxonomic Revision of Taiwan's Reptiles & Amphibians

2009 paper by Hsiang Gao-shih (向高世)on a number of recent taxonomic revisions pertaining Taiwan's herpetofauna. (PDF, 5.6 MB)

Biota Taiwanica

An ambitious project to map out the entire fauna and flora on the island. More info here.

Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility

Taiwan biodiversity database.



The newest (2009) and most comprehensive guide on Taiwan's amphibians & reptiles

Herpetology of Japan and adjacent territory

Leonhard Hess Stejneger's 1907 classic online

Asian Pitvipers

by Andreas Gumprecht, Frank Tillack, Nikolai L. Orlov, Ashok Captain and Sergei Ryabov - Geitje Books, Berlin

Photo Blogs

Hsiao Hei's Herp Photo Blog (自然生活記趣)

One of the best herpetology and wildlife photographers in Taiwan

Hsiao Hsun's Herp Photo Blog (小勛's Blog)

Another fantastic Taiwanese herp photographer

Zhiming's Snake Kingdom (志明的蛇王國)

Snakejoan's Herp Photo Blog (小青蛇所有日誌本)

A-jie's Herp Photo Blog (山野漫遊筆記)

Yet another excellent Taiwanese wildlife photographer

Nature Translator (大自然的譯)

Twoton's Pitcher Post

A collection of photo reports from field outings in Taiwan

General Information on Snakes

Wolfgang Wüster's Homepage

Wolfgang Wüster is a herpetologist and lecturer in zoology at the University of Wales. His primary area of research is the systematics and ecology of venomous snakes.

Gernot Vogel's Homepage

Information on Southeast Asian species, especially Trimeresurus and Boiga.

Asiatic Cobra Systematics

Sea Snakes

All you ever wanted to know about these fascinating creatures.


Field Herp Forum

The biggest, best and friendliest place for field herpetology on the Internet.

RepStyle (爬爬風-台灣兩爬知識專題討論板)

Best field herpetology forum in Taiwan.

Venomdoc Forum

Dr. Bryan G. Fry's very own forum for everything venomous and poisonous.



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